On online business is operating as normal. We are still despatching orders however due to restrictions in place your order may take longer to arrive . Please feel free to email us contact@cavaletticollection.co.uk or call us on 01922 263600 if you have any questions. Stay safe.

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Cavaletti Collection - Who we are and what we do.

When a new product or brand comes to market you see it but do you really understand what its all about?

You may have seen our bright purple horse head logo and noticed the brand name 'Cavaletti Collection but do you know what we really do? You may have seen a picture of a horse and rider, picture of a saddle on Facebook and Instagram but not really payed any attention and just clicked the 'Like' button...........


The team here at Cavaletti Collection is very small and personable. It consists of a small amount of equestrian minded bodies who understand the strains of working full time, raising families and finding time to spend with your 4 legged friends.  People look at horse owners and think 'We have Money' how wrong are they?! We wanted to bring quality, affordability and flexibility to you in a range of full leather saddles. We have designed each one individually with the rider and horse comfort in mind, all saddles have adjustable gullets with 6 optional widths. Basically we want to making purchasing a new saddle easy for the end user. Visit our website, select you saddle and just click 'Free Trial' it will then take you through the checkout process where all you pay is your carriage cost. This includes both delivery and collection of the saddle back to us. If you keep the saddle at the end of the trial the charge is refunded in full. We will need to take an authorisation of a credit card for security reasons.  Just like doing your groceries shopping online. But....... what if it is not suitable? No problems, just call us ON 01922 263600 and we will arrange a time convenient for you to collect it back.

Our main business profile is 'Making life easy to buy a new saddle' The ability to try before you buy is a fantastic chance to test your saddle out before committing to a purchase.  Making the range affordable was also our main focus. Saddles can be very expensive, because of this people are pushed towards auction sites not knowing the safety and soundness of the saddle until they receive it and then can not return and end up with a useless saddle and out of pocket.

We believe that our customers time spent with their horses is very precious, as much as they would love to spend every hour of every day at the yard this is not possible due to their need to work all hours to pay for them. This is in fact reality. The 14 day trial allows the horse owner to trial the saddle as much or as little as they wish during this time frame.


It may sound too good to be true but really it isn't. Not happy with the saddle? Return it. Happy with the saddle? Keep it, it is a simple as that. See what our customers have to say by visiting our Facebook page/website and reading our reviews. Or want to talk about it? Pick up the phone and call us on 01922 263600...... It's good to talk :)

We always recommend during the trial to get your saddle fitted/checked by a qualified saddle fitter.

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