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Brand Ambassadors
Evie Goodman
We love our GP and dressage saddle! They are both extremely comfortable and look so smart. We also love the fact that they have adjustable gullets to fit each horse perfectly!
My names Evie , I’m a 14-year-old equestrian from the East Midlands.
I own a cob-cross pony called Milton.
Together we love drag hunting and having a go at dressage, this year we aim to join BD and give it our best shot .
We are so excited to be part of Team Cavaletti!
Leah Whelby
I own the Cavaletti Black Monoflap saddle! It is the most comfortable and affordable saddle on the market! I absolutely love it and it fits my baby horsey perfectly.
Hi my name is Leah and this is my mare Bambi!
She is a 5 year old Irish Draught X Warmblood who I am hopefully bringing on to event.
She has the best nature and is super brave so we are looking to have lots of fun together.
We are so excited to be joining team Cavaletti!
Robyn Byrne
I’m on my third cavaletti saddle and the same yes SAME stirrup leathers. They don’t stretch, but I do keep them clean with my cavaletti saddle cleaner!
Hi I’m Robyn Byrne and Fia is a 16.2 Swedish warm blood who I have owned for 2 years now.
We have been lucky enough to ride at Burghley Horse Trials last year with Pony Club.
We first heard about cavaletti when we won trailblazers a couple of years ago. For anyone looking for a value for money and blingy saddle, I would defenitley recommend them.
Hope to see you at an event soon!
Jodie Ellis
We love our saddle, it has revolutionised our work. Harry is so much more comfortable and I feel so secure which has really helped us accelerate our jumping career. I wish I had come across this brand sooner!
Hello, I am Jodie and my horse is Harry.
Harry is a 7-year-old ex-racehorse who I have owned for the last 2 and half years! He is a super chilled dude who is trying his hoof at most things.
We would love to event one day and we are both slowly helping each other to grow our very own pair of brave pants.
We started off with the Cavaletti Monoflap Jump saddle which i fell in love with.
Since then we have also added the Monoflap Dressage saddle to our collection and I have never felt comfort and security like it!!
The knee blocks are a real game changer!!
We are so excited to continue to our partnership with the Cavaletti Collection ambassador team!
Lotti Bullock
I love my Cavaletti Collection jumping saddles and so do the ponies. They are really comfortable but also really adjustable and change with the ponies.
I am a 13-year-old Junior Show Jumper competing at BS Shows most weekends. I have four ponies.
Two 138’s, Colwells Austen Allaglow (“Austen”) and Parcglas Star Venture (“Popstar”) and two 148’s Lawnslane Legacy (“Lexi”) and Isis Zagir (Ginny).
My more recent highlights include:
•Being placed in four different finals at the British Showjumping National Championships.
•Winning the individual showjumping NSEA National Championships at Keysoe
•Jumping my first double clear around the Winter 138cm at 1.10m on my ex racing pony Austen.
I am looking forward to this summer and jumping at the National Championships again.
Cally Humphrey
Hi my name is Cally and my pony is called Ozzie! Ozzie has been a troublemaker from the moment he was born but he landed on his hooves when I fell in love with him when he was 2.5 years old!
I backed him at 3 and we’ve had no end of hurdles but now at the grand age of 11 he seems to of got his hooves in order!
After years of using an uncomfortable flat hard show saddle I’ve recently purchased the Cavaletti Show Saddle and WOW it’s been a game changer for our comfort!
It’s so comfortable and sits me in a much better position because I can move the Velcro knee blocks to help with my leg placement.
Ozzie is also happy and he looks super smart in the smooth dark soft leather!
I can’t wait to save up and get myself a jump saddle for my working hunter pony Diva!
Fianna Roberts-Squier
I absolutely love my Cavaletti mono-flap jump saddle and that I can adjust it depending on the horse I’m riding!
Hi, my name is Fianna, and I am currently a United States junior equestrian in Ocala, Florida.
Currently, I focus on the retraining of off the track thoroughbreds and green ponies in a showjumping-focused career!
I’ve showed up to 1.05m in the jumpers and 2’6” in the hunters/equitation as well as showed in IEA my junior and senior year of high school.
I’m very excited for this partnership with cavaletti and can’t wait for the upcoming year!