Cavaletti Collection Drop Noseband

Cavaletti Collection Drop Noseband

Cavaletti Collection Drop Noseband

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Saddle Grading Guide

Please follow our Grading Guide below to select the best grade saddle to suit your needs!


Grade 1 - Brand New
A brand new, unused Saddle


Grade 2 - Virtually new
The saddle will show very low levels of wear. It will have been girthed up and possibly ridden in.


Grade 3 - Used.
This option will have been used multiple times and show signs of wear on the saddle flaps.


Grade 4 - Heavy Used.
This option will have had heavy use or possible minor damage. Although nothing to affect the soundness and function of the saddle.


Can I Upgrade My Saddle? Yes! If you choose a grade 2-4 for a Free Trial but decide to upgrade before your 14 days are up you can upgrade when you send your trial saddle back to us - We’ll just charge you the difference

Could I Speak To Someone About What Grade To Choose? Absolutely! If you need any assistance please give us a call on 01922 263600

Saddle Width Guide

Please follow our Width Guide below to select the best grade saddle to suit your needs!

How To Measure Your Horse

A Flexi curve (Available from most stationary shops) is the most useful tool to take a template of your horse, you can then compare to the width templates below. Always ensure when you are taking templates of your horse/pony that they are standing square on a level/flat surface.

  • Bend the flexi curve in half so you have a ‘V’ Shape
  • Find the back of the shoulder blade, ‘Scapula’ and mark 2” (10cm) behind.
  • This is where you will need to take your measurement from.
  • Press down on the curve ensuring the exact shape and then place on a piece of plain white paper and draw round the in-side of the curve that was in contact from the horses back.
  • From here you should be able to determine what width your horse will be from our fitting chart below. Either place the curve on the chart or cut the template out and place on the chart.

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to one of these we have a template which can either be downloaded below onto a hard card based material which you can then cut out or please call us on 01922 263600 and we can post one out to you. Horses and ponies do vary from size to size and shape to shape. We always recommend getting your saddle fitted/checked by a professional saddle fitter.

Cavaletti Collection Drop Noseband The new build a bridle range from Cavaletti Collection offers bridle work pieces to purchase individually to create a bespoke bridle option at an affordable price point. All hand made from the finest Italian leather. The Cavaletti Collection Drop Noseband is a beautiful noseband for any discipline. Buckles on from both sides eliminated bulk across the poll. Traditional buckle fastening. Compatible with our build a bridle range. - Italian Leather - Stainless Steel Fittings - Compatible with our build a bridle range - Traditional fastening
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