How To Clean Your Horses Hooves.


If you need to clean your horses hooves but aren’t sure on the correct way, don’t worry. Just read here and follow this step by step guide.


First thing you need to do it be facing your horses tail, this is because if they do end up kicking out, they won’t kick you.

Then with your hand that’s nearest to the horse, run it down the back of the leg. Squeeze just above the fetlock to signal the horse to lift its hoof.



Hold the hoof with the hand closest to the horse, and start scraping away any dirt with the hoof picker.


Start where the horses shoe ends, by the bulb of the heel.


Make sure when you are scraping you do it firmly over the sole and along the inside of the hoof wall until all dirt is gone.


Make sure you are extra careful when you get rid of dirt that is in the triangular frog. This is softer tissues and should be treated carefully.


Check there and no foreign bodies penetrating either the frog or sole. Do not pull anything out that is there, call your vet!


Check the shoe is then secure and there is nothing missing or loose.


Once you’re done, gently place the foot on the ground and move onto the next one!


Cleaning your horses hooves is as easy as that when you know how!