Pony Jump Saddle


Here we will be exploring our amazing Pony jump saddle.

If you want to learn, but only have a pony, don’t let that stop you. You can get everything you need right here with us.

This amazing jump saddle is sold at a great price of only £800 and comes in 2 different colours which are; brown and black.


To get the perfect pony jump saddle for your pony all you have to do is;

Select one of our sizes - 7 sizes between 15” and 18”.

Then pick a grade -  either grade 1,2,3 or 4.

Last of all choose a width – 6 widths between narrow-medium – xxwide.

It’s as simple as that, do all that and you’ve made your perfect jump saddle.


This is great for teaching your pony all sorts of things such as;

Show jumping, cross country, hunting and endless amounts of other activities. This is because it is stylish, comfy, affordable and will keep you in the correct riding position.


Our pony jump saddle is made from full grain leathers. It has wool in it for the amazing flocked panels and great, soft hide knee pads.

We also have a great feature on this saddle – our interchangeable gullet system.

This allows you to pick our your width fitting out of out 6 different widths and then you can adjust your gullet easily to fit your horse if their body size, width or anything else changes.


This is also available for our 14 day free trial, try out this amazing saddle and if you don’t like it, just send it back!